Great Lakes Edge Update

Hey Guys,

I hope everyone that has been hitting the woods and water have been successful. We are just wrapping up the gun season in Michigan and were back to bow tomorrow. This season has been long but I have been able to tag 2 does and a nice state land 8-point that was in the last article. I am working in Cleveland but I am looking forward to getting home and pulling the bow out again and floating some spawn through some deep holes for steel. From some of the river guides, it looks like the steelhead fishing is really good and just like the salmon, they are big. I look forward to hitting the rivers soon. A lot has changed since the last update that I want to go over.

Last week we launched the 2014 Great Lakes Edge Calendar. Right now we are selling it for 10 bucks a piece due to Black Friday and Cyber Monday plus shipping. You can go to our site and order it by Credit Card through Paypal. Click on the link below for a direct link to where you can buy the calendar.!store/c12oq

Talking about a site, I have finally launched the Great Lakes Edge website after a year of trying to get to it. You can find all our films, blogs, report and much, much more. Make sure to check it out and leave us a comment of what you think. The site address is below:

We are always trying to find great outdoorsman who are willing to share their story on-line. Recently, we have added Greg Lipple to our team. You can check his bio out on the site:!team/c1ujk

Thanks for checking this site out! Good Luck the rest of the year and stop by if you want to share a story with us.


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