Finally the Peak

I think we can all agree this has been a messed up steelhead season. It seems to be the re-occurring theme the past couple seasons. We all expect it to bust loose and then are disappointed when it does not happen to the extent we were hoping. I am beginning to think we have been expecting more than what is to come. Lets face it, we have seen some pretty good fishing the past couple years. Last spring 20 hook up were the norm. This winter, 10 fish days have been the norm. This  year we have been waiting for those days. As this season progresses nicely I am starting to think were at peak and were thinking the fishing is slow when it’s actually pretty darn good. It’s time to enjoy it.

With that being said, the fishing has picked up drastically since my last post. We are starting to see more fish daily. The river temperatures are increasing. I was hitting a lot of fish on Chartreuse spawn after the blow out. Big gaudy jigs in black, pink, and purple were also a big hit on the rivers. However, lately fish have started hitting dressed jigs of many different colors, mainly natural colors. I am guessing that tube jigs will pick up as soon as the water clears up. I am guessing this is also the peak of the run in the northern part of the state and we will see decent fishing into May.

The good new about this season, is the fish had been much bigger. We are seeing fish in the double digits with the average around 8 lbs. That is good to see after seeing many cookie cutters last year.

One of my highlights from this season was coming across this guy and to be able to get a picture of him.

I plan on going out a few more times; however, I am also starting to think about trolling and turkey hunting. I also need to build a deer blind and plant my food plot. I have projects that need to be finished up and a lot of editing I would like to start. Hopefully I have time for all of it.

If your interested in seeing more Chrome, check out this link:

…and to start all of that, I need to cut this short. Til next time, keep those lines tight.

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