Top 5 Outdoor Trips from 2012

Oh what fun it is to be sick near the best holidays of the year. I had plans to hunt a little and get some fishing in. However, the nastiest of all colds have kept me inside. I did pick up a trap line while being sick that came up empty-handed. Working, eating and sleeping is all I have done. I hope everyone was able to spend their holidays with close ones and was not sick. I am feeling pretty good as of late and have been catching up on stuff that needs to be completed. So I can start paying attention to this blog again.

While laying on the couch coughing my guts up, (sorry for the visual) I was thinking about this past year in the outdoors. Once again, I was able to spend a lot of time outside. Usually, I would say that I have the best adventures because of friends and family. However, I have to admit, I had a pretty dang good year as far as the catching and killing goes. I had luck that most people wait their entire life for. This year everything just came together. Whether it was the weather bring just right or success just falling int my lap.

Here are my Top 5 Outdoor Trips from this year. I will try to keep it short.

5. Switching Plan for Kings

As I had mentioned in previous articles, this years salmon run was extremely weird. On this particular weekend, I met up with friends to fish the river. The fishing was so bad the first day, some of us decided to fish the inland lakes and the big lakes out of our little boats. I have always fished with buddies on their boats. However, I was on my own trolling this time. My buddy, Selle and his buddy Mark were in another boat. The salmon fishing ended up being out standing for us and we all caught plenty of fish to fill our freezer and fill our egg quota. We also had a lot of fun the whole weekend. Adapting to the situation really help our success this week.

@2012 Great Lakes Edge

©2012 Great Lakes Edge 2012

©2012 Great Lakes Edge

4. My First Turkey Hunt

I started G.L. Edge after my first turkey hunt. I have filmed three turkey hunts the past couple years but have never had an opportunity to be the hunter. I always joke with my friends about it being a really quick season. If you’re a hunter, you know it normally is never a quick season. This time I left my home at 2:30 AM to meet up with my buddy Luke to shoot a turkey in SW Michigan. I told my parents I would be home by 1 PM knowing that would more than likely not happen because nothing ever comes easy with me. It does not matter if I have a guide or I am by myself. At 7 AM I was set up and listening to my guide sweet talk a nice Tom. Sure enough, that Turkey showed up at 20 yards and I hammered him. I could not believe it. Needless to say, I was home by 1 PM.

@Great Lakes Edge 2012

3. Craziest Steelhead Weekend Ever

During certain times of the year, I am consistently watching the weather to predict good times to fish and hunt. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it does not. If you can remember back in March we were having record-breaking weather. On March 24th, my buddy Luke and I had plans to fish the Johnson Steelhead tournament. We pre-fished the a river in southwest Michigan the week before and the fishing was basically done. So we cancelled out on the tournament and headed up north.

Casey releasing Brutus ©2012 Great Lakes Edge

After our first couple cast, we knew we had made a good decision to change plans. We caught steelhead after steelhead. We had doubles and triples going. These are the type of days you tell people and they think you are full of garbage. It was not just like this for one day but the whole week we were up there. We caught numbers of steelhead that were unbelievable. One of those nights I was talking with my buddies Dad who has been fishing for steelhead for a long time. He has had many great days of steel. I asked him “is this the best steelhead fishing you have ever seen?”  His answer was “Yes!”

I have always heard that the steelhead fishing was much better back in the days. However, after this weekend I am

@2012 Great Lakes Edge

pretty sure I got to fish one of those days that we will talk about till the day we die. I am so lucky I got to spend that time with a great group of friends.

@2012 Great Lakes Edge

2. Outdoors with the little cousins

Back in August my little cousins came to visit. Hanging out with them the whole week was an awesome experience. We played outside almost the whole week. Then we went to Virginia to hang out with their parents in the outdoors. My cousin was able to catch the biggest bass I had ever seen. Check out the story below:

1. Big Buck

I eat, sleep, and breath deer hunting almost all year-long. I have been doing this for 15 years with only a few spikes to show for it. I made it a goal to shoot a 2.5 year old buck this year. If you have been following my blog or my Facebook, you know the story since I have beaten it to death. If you have not seen the story, check it out below:

With that being said and the end of a great year, I want to thank everyone who has been following this site. I hope everyone is enjoying my stories, videos and reports. I really hope to contribute more time to it this year and concentrate more on the videos and picture part. I also hope to be able to help people enjoy the outdoors through out this site. I do have a calendar for sale if your interested from the pictures from the past couple years:

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Thanks Guys,


P.S. New videos coming this week!

©2012 Great Lakes Edge

©2012 Great Lakes Edge

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