I’ll Take Luck Over Being Good Anyday

This year marks my 15th year of bow hunting. I have taught myself just about everything about bow hunting. My biggest buck would be a spike with a bow about 7 years ago. I shoot 1-2 does every year but never get opportunity with bucks. I didn’t really get bit by the bug until I seen my first Michigan giant about 9 years ago. It was actually the first buck I have ever seen in the woods. Ever since then I think whitetail pretty much all year. That other day I was wondering why my trophy wall doesn’t look like I have been hunting for that long.

This weekend I was planning on sitting just about all weekend in spots all over north-west Michigan that I have scouted and seen decent bucks before. Well, that came to a halting stop when I found out my transmission on my truck was junk. I was going to be coup up in the house for 5 days. On Sunday night I couldn’t take it and went hunting behind the house. The wind was not exactly right. I ended up being covered up in does. They seemed to know I was there and never came by. Only problem was, I was not seeing any buck sign in the 2 days I have hunted this property.

After I got out of the stand I thought about moving it. Then I realized the weather was going to be nice in the morning. I set the alarm for 6:30 not expecting to wake up. I decided no matter what I was going to move the stand to a better spot and walk one of those does in December if I still had a tag.

When I did wake up, I pondered over going out. It’s hard for me to hunt when I don’t have confidence in a spot. There was no buck sign and all I want to do right now is shoot a buck. Don’t really care for the does. I ended up convincing myself to go out. Glad I did.

Thoughts were running through my mind like how come I don’t ever just get lucky. I watch my scent and wash my body and cloth before every hunt. I plan my hunts accordingly to the weather and where I am going to sit. I am consistently scouting and looking for new better areas to hunt. I am not just an average hunter that goes out and sits in the same stand over and over again. At about 8:30 my luck had changed and I was about to experience the hunt of my life.

I had 6 does and a button buck come in. One of the does came in and I got some great footage of her. I was going to shoot her for Leap Outdoors. She ended up never giving me a shot and caught up with the other deer at the boat and tires. The deer have really liked this area lately which is strange. Then they all took off and I see a glimpse of a decent white rack. I couldn’t believe it and grabbed my bow and aimed the camera for where he was coming. I watched him for a few minutes. Then I pulled out the Primos Buck Roar and gave it two soft blurps. The buck heard it and angled at me. He got to 25 yards and I pulled back. All I needed was two feet. Then he came right at me not giving me a shot till about 8 yards. I released the arrow and seen the arrow go through the deer. I freaked and tried watching the deer but he went out of view. What a great feeling. The footage of me after the shot is pretty funny.

I hunted for another hour and seen two more does. I decided I was going to give the deer a few hours since I wasn’t 100% confident with my shot. I got out of the stand and tried to find blood. The trail was really bad so I decided to head back to the house. When I reached the top of the hill I seen white. Pulled out the Nikons and seen my buck. I rushed the 200 yards over to him and finally got to wrapped my fingers around the biggest buck of my life. The feeling was indescribable. October 28th will be in my brain forever.

©Great Lakes Edge 2012

I want to thank everyone for the comments and texts I have received the last couple days. You all made the day pretty special. Now it’s time to find the right taxidermist. If anyone has any recommendations on a Taxidermist around TC, Mt. P or Lapeer, please let me know.

©Great Lakes Edge 2012

©Great Lakes Edge

Here is a little teaser video from Mondays hunt:

Now for a plug. Just want to send out a reminder for this photo.

©Great Lakes Edge 2012

I have entered this photo into the Pure Michigan photo contest. If you have a moment, please vote for this picture everyday on your cell and computer til November 9th. It is in the top 16 right now out of thousands. All you have to is go to the link provided, hit “vote” and then “share” it to your profile on Facebook. I would really appreciate it.



Luck to everyone no matter where your pursuits takes you this next week.

Till next time…

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