A Humbling Salmon Season

The word I heard thrown around for this years river Salmon season was…”weird” and I couldn’t agree more. The big lake guys had a stellar season. Every time I went out with buddies we limited out. I even caught some on my new (to me) river boat out on the lakes.

We all anxiously awaited the first big runs of salmon in late August and they never really amounted to anything.

Last year Labor day weekend was amazing. This year it sucked. The weekend after that I was expecting more fish and ended up switching back to the lake and caught even more fish. Everyone wanted to know where the fish were.

Finally they started pushing up. The only problem was, they were not slamming anything. I used the term “blue gill biting” a lot this fall. The bobber would go down and you would have to wait 2-4 seconds before you set the hook. Set the hook to early and you would pull the hook out of the fishes mouth. It didn’t matter if you had a stinger or not. This continued almost all season. The fishing did pick up a little in the middle of season and got better towards the end.

Yesterday I went down for my last Salmon trip of the year. I knew of a spot where we would be allowed to fish a ton of fish. It had been closed off all season due to fisheries rules. I really didn’t know what to expect but I brought down a big bag of skein, just in case. The fishing started off really slow. I was even thinking about leaving it was that bad. Then the fishing really picked up and got better as the day progress. It was almost a fish bite every cast for a while. The days you dream about for years…unreal. The fish were biting the smallest skein pieces possible. At times they were biting like blue gills but other times they were slamming it. Heck, I even caught 10 on a Fisher Price Barbie pole that you buy for little kids. I won’t mentioned how much I landed because people probably wouldn’t believe me. I will tell you that the fishing was the best I have ever seen it.

It was definitely a humbling season. Most of the guys I know had about the same salmon season as me. They are used to having a bunch of days where you land more than 10 salmon. Then they’re the days where you land 20 fish. Those were few and far. It was great to end it with a great day.

So that leaves us at the end. Salmon are starting to die off in big numbers. They are starting to look pretty dang skanky. Weirs are starting to pull their gates and the rivers are starting to clear of people. There is still plenty of fish to be caught. Most of the fish will be on the beds and that is just not my thing. It is a sad day when salmon season comes to an end. However, I won’t be afraid to pull out the salmon rods if I come across a big pod of kings while fishing for steel. Talking about steel, I am really looking forward to this season.

If you didn’t see my video on salmon underwater, you can check it out in the video below.

With that being said, the steelhead are starting to show up in many rivers. Hopefully we will have a great season like last year. Don’t forget your spawn from kings you have harvested this season.

For me, I will be hitting the woods pretty hard. Weather is looking perfect to get those bucks in gear. Good Luck to all those bowhunters.

If your interested in checking out my salmon season, check out this link from my facebook:






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