The End is Near

Well, there is no easy way to say this, but salmon season is slowly coming to an end. Its my favorite time of the year. I look forward to it all summer. This year was different. The big lake fishing was pretty outstanding. I think I limited out every time on my buddies boat. Then it was river time and it never really got going until a few weeks ago and now she is slowing down. Since my last post, the fishing improved big time for a few days. I was getting into huge numbers of fish. Not so many landed due to salmon biting like bluegill. It was a lot of fun though.

I spent some time on a big river the last two weeks. There was a lot of fisherman around. The fish I am pretty sure were out numbered and it blows my mind that some fish make it through out the whole season without getting caught. I got a few fish to go every time but it wasn’t hot and heavy like last year. The fish didn’t want anything to do with skein. It was all spawn bags of King and Silver spawn. I did get this pretty fish that made my day.

I didn’t get many pictures the last couple trips do it raining and not wanting to destroy my slr. I really need to take more fish pictures though. That is what this blog is about. I don’t know though. It’s really hard to take a picture of a river fish now. Unless it has a good story involved I rarely take a camera out to take a picture of a king. I am more about watching that bobber drop or getting that fish to bite. If I am having a number day, I want to hook another fish quickly then take the 2 minutes to take a picture. Good thing I had the Go Pro running most of the time.

The past 40 hours, most of Michigan has received 2+ inches of rain. I headed down to the river hoping for a big numbers day. The river was in the 50’s. Perfect! I made my first cast with a quarter size spawn bag that resulted in a nice hen salmon. I thought it was game on. However, mother nature had a different plan. I fished from 7:30 till 3 and only hooked 6 fish. The fishing got worse as the river came up. Around 2:30 I pulled out the hardware to see if I could get some fish to bite in the muddy conditions. Usually Chartreuse or fire-tiger lures work well in these conditions. That was also a failure and I never even bounced off a fish. When ever the river has fish in it, this hole has fish. So it lead me to the conclusion that the run is coming a stop a lot quicker then I wanted. Yes, there are still salmon on beds but that’s not my thing.

I was going to go out this morning but my body had a different plan. I kept hitting snooze and finally decided to forget about it and get some other stuff done, like this blog update. I might try tomorrow.

The good news is, Steelhead are starting to show up in most river. I am hearing or seeing one fish every time I go. The rut is also right around the corner and I can’t wait to do that. Talking about that, I also got to head home for a few days of deer hunting on my parents property. If your interested in checking that out, check out this article:

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