Wasn’t going to sit…but am glad I did

This past weekend was a pretty busy weekend. One of my fishing buddies was getting married in GR. After the wedding I was only 2 hours a way from home and I noticed that we were going to have a west wind. Nobody had been in my food plot in over a month other than one time setting up my trail camera. I had a really good feeling my this stand. I woke up the next morning and headed home. I had three things I wanted to get done. Have my truck looked at, visit my grandpa and to hunt.

The first night ended up being a bust. The second day I wanted to get my stuff done. At I was going to sit out because I wasn’t going to get into the stand til late and I had an appointment with my cousin to look at my truck between 8:15 and 8:30. I would have to get out of the stand early. Also, the wind was wrong for my number one stand. However, I did have a stand I could probably sneak into. At the last-minute I decided to go.

When I was climbing into my ladder stand, I noticed a groundhog in my plot. It was going to be a 35 yard shot but I decided to take it. He knew there was something wrong and kept standing up. I ended up whistling at him hoping he would stand up again but he ended up running right at my down my funnel. He got to about  8 yards and I let the arrow fly.

About 20 minutes into my sit the deer started moving. I was pretty entertained. Then they all disappeared. Then I looked and I had 3 adult does walking right at me. I picked up the biggest one. I pulled back my bow and I got my first feeling of deer fever. I put my sight on the heart and the deer kept giving my bad angles. The deer finally gave me a good shot. I whistled at her, she stopped and I let my Ramcat broadhed fly. I started shaking with excitement. I was pretty confident with my shot. I was going to wait it out til dark but I wanted to find the deer before I had to take off.

I found blood right a way, good clean blood. After a 20 minute track job I found the deer 50-75 yards a way.

Check out the hole this broadhead put in this doe:

The element of surprise really helped me get this deer. I stayed out of my plot as much as possible this year. Had my stand hung in June. The only time I was out there was to hang a trail camera and to move my clover plot. The deer never even knew I was there and I couldn’t be more happy. I can’t wait to hunt there in a few weeks. Hopefully I didn’t leave too much scent.

Going to put a camera in the next couple days and hang a stand. Really looking forward to the rut taking off.

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