My Favorite Weekend of the Year

The last weekend of September is my favorite weekend of the year. There always seems to be lots of salmon to catch…..Except this year.

Don’t get me wrong. Salmon season is underway…finally. It still seems to be a little behind still but if your willing to search, you can find a handful of fish. I am still fishing some water like I do steelhead. If I don’t hook up right a way, I move on. Fish also only seem to want skein. Won’t even touch cranks. Maybe it’s just me?

This weekend I started off on a bigger river. Last year I destroyed them on this weekend. With the warmer weather this summer, I figured the run would be farther down river then normal. I decided to launch down river a launch. I arrived at 6 AM.

I didn’t hit a single fish. When the son came up I realized that all the fish in this area were either on beds or dying. Must have been the August and early September push. When I realized this, I pulled the boat out and drove down to the next launch. I asked a guy pulling his boat out, how he did. He said 18. I said, thanks a lot and prepped the boat. I think he might have regret his decision on telling me because he all of a sudden was trying to stop me from fishing. I ended up launching.

At 2:30 PM I stopped at my first hole. At 2:35 I was fighting a fish. It ended up being pretty good the rest of the day. Hit 5 or 6 fish on skein and had many bobbers down. I just couldn’t connect.

Saturday I had friends coming up. In my neck of the woods, the fishing has been really poor. I decided to go where the fish were and that was out on the lake. However, fish didn’t want to cooperate. Ended up leaving and coming back at 9 when no one else was on the water. After 5 hours of trolling and only one hit, I decided to yank the boat and head to another river. I came to the conclusion that the fish that are near the river mouths have lost the instinct to feed.

We ended up finding some fish in that river. It was a pretty easy night the rest of the night. I actually was pretty tired so I ended up crashing while my buddy caught some fish. Wish I didn’t give all my fish to him because they ended up turning out to be 75% loose. I could use loose spawn about now.

At first light, I again decided to move rivers to see if the morning bite had gotten any better. I was highly disappointed. I only hooked 3. I know that sounds pretty good to most but this time of the year everyone throwing skein should be hooking 5-25 fish.

To summarize everything….The bite out on the lake is slowing. The crank bait bite is slowing down. The skein bite has really picked up the past week and I love seeing that bobber drop. Rain is in the forecast. How much? Who knows? The paid weatherman have been way off this year. According to the radar it doesn’t look good. I am going to keep my hopes high though.

Good Luck to everyone this weekend. One of my fishing buddies is getting married and I don’t think I can get out of it…haha. I will however be fishing going down there and coming back. Also, to all those bow hunters, good luck as well. I’ll be sitting for the first time sometime this week. Can’t friggin wait : )

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