Maiden Voyage Trolling [Rookie]

I have been very fortunate the past 5 years to have a half-dozen or so fishing buddies who have boat rigged for the Great Lakes. I have caught a ton of fish aboard these boats. We have had some days that are un-real. However, tonight I was on my own for the first time. If you have ever fished aboard a buddies boat on the great lakes, it looks pretty easy. Boy, did I find out how wrong that was tonight.

For the people who don’t know, I just picked up a 16 foot flat bottom. Not exactly ideal for the Great Lakes but it would get the job done. I have been working on it for about two weeks prepping it for its first trip. Tonight was the night. I had planned to film tonight’s trips. The winds were coming from the southwest. Perfect for the bay I was fishing.

Needless to say, I ran into a lot of problems tonight. The new fish finder wasn’t reading correctly. The lead core I bought from a guy wasn’t spooled correctly.I also couldn’t get where I wanted to go because the waves and winds were pretty bad leaving me to make a north troll. I also have been trying to keep cost down because I am not going to be trolling much longer. So that kind of dampened the night but I still tried to enjoy it.

Around sunset, I pulled a line to put on a glow J-plug. I had a pretty big mess at the moment. I thought how funny would that be the have a fish hit the dipsy. Sure enough, seconds after I thought that thought. The dipsy buckled over and it was game on. The fish took a few runs but basically came in after that. Finally I landed my first king in my own boat.

The fish came on a white/glow paddle board with a green glow fly off a dipsy. It was back about 250 feet in 400 feet of water. It was about 12-14 pounds. Not necessarily the water I wanted to fish but hard to figure that out with a fish finder that didn’t want to work. I finally got it working towards the end of the night.

This king was a huge accomplishment because I had been trying to do this for a few years with my other boat. However, I always have had problems with that boat. I don’t think I’ll be having problems like that anymore with my new rig.

Any who, I am pretty happy with the new rig so far. I can’t wait to get it out again. No videos were taken due to amount of work that was required to run the rig. Maybe next time…

If you haven’t been out trolling and waiting for it to get good. I suggest you get out there. The fishing is pretty darn good from the reports I have been hearing. Fish have started moving into all the rivers around the state. Next rain should bring in a good pod of fish.

Good Fishing!

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