Getting kids into the Outdoors

At the beginning of August, my little cousins came to stay with us. They were 5 years old and 11 years old. The first of their stay was at my parents house in southern Michigan. The first night we spent in our food plot looking for deer. Here is a short video about that:

A couple of nights later we took the boat out in search of gills. The fishing turned out to be outstanding.

They let me fish for a little bit.


We then all jumped into the Acadia and headed East to meet up with my cousins parents and my uncle. We were staying in Shenandoah Crossings, West Virginia. The scenery was beautiful and we spent a lot of time in the pools and the outdoors.

At the resort, they had a catch and release lake that had bass, crappie, and catfish. We had heard some of some big bass being caught. After a couple of days, I finally figured them out. All they wanted was small, live bluegill. The last night all the rods were set up. My 11-year-old cousin was first up. A rod started screaming and he was into his first large fish. My brother shot this video with his iphone.

The fish ended up 6 Lbs, 14 ounces. The biggest bass I had ever seen to that point.

Later on that night after everyone took off, I stuck around. Way after hours, I was able to hook up and land a really nice bass. A little bit bigger the my cousins.

Later on, we found out that big fish of the day was 6 lb, 4 ounces. We registered my cousins fish and he ended up winning big fish of the day and probably won big fish of the summer. I would have won but I kept my mouth shut. I remember how it felt to be young and to win something. Way to go buddy!

It was a great weekend in West Virginia with my family. I could not have been a more prouder older cousin of these two. They did great!  The scenery was amazing! I’m not much of a bass fisherman but I would fish for these guys all the time if they grew that big back in Michigan.

If you would like to check out some my nature pictures, check out my media page here:

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