Beautiful Ludington Michigan

When I was a little guy my parents would take me camping at a place called Ludington State Park. We went with their young married bible study. We did that for many years. This place was probably what started my love for the outdoors.  We ended up fading a way from the tradition but our family friends continue the tradition with their own families. The past couple years we have started going back and reconnect with old friends. This year I reconnected with one of our friends son. Turned out he liked fishing so naturally we got along and spent some hours fishing. He also proposed to his girlfriend on the Ludington Pier. What a place to do that…

For me, the weekend started off fishing with my friend Luke, his dad and their buddy. I left south-east Michigan around 12:30 to put me in Pentwater at 4:10. The fishing was amazing and the sunrise was incredible. I would have enjoyed it more but the fishing was pretty spectacular.

In the afternoon, they took out their friend. We had a lot of bites but not so many connected.

After that, I spent the week at Ludington State park. I fished a little river a few time for early King salmon but never found any biters.

Here our some pictures from the week in Northern Michigan.

Filmed a few videos. I am hoping to get them up here but I might be moving so I don’t know when I will get them up.

There are a ton of great pictures on my facebook. Check it out in the link below and if you want more, make sure to “like” the page:

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