Bobber Fishing for Gills-Simple

Tonight we were invited to a barbecue in St. Clair shores. I thought it was going to be somewhere a way from Lake St Clair. At first I wasn’t going to go because of work but my truck had to be left at the shop and I ended up going because I didn’t have transportation back to the house. It turned out to be a pretty amazing night. When we first approached the house I realized there was a canal. Then I went in the backyard and there was two fishing poles leaning against the boat house on another canal. Needless to say, I was going fishing.

Usually when I fish, I am pretty serious about it. I am a hard-core salmon, steelhead and trout guy. I fished hard and want to catch as many fish as possible. To me, there is nothing better than a salmon peeling out hundreds yards of line or a steelhead going air born in a river. I am usually fishing with buddies or fishing tournaments. It sometimes can very stressful and cost a ton of money but I love it. I also usually have all my camera gear with me and am trying to film everything, sometime alone. I also now own a boat. It breaks down from time to time and causes me not to go fishing which really sucks.

The cool thing about tonight was I didn’t have any of that stuff. All I had was a 6.5 foot pole with a Mitchell reel, a bobber, and a tub of crawlers. The other rod was a heavy-duty catfish rod. I ended up rigging a bobber, a split shot and a worm. It can’t get any simpler then that.

I cast it out and just let the bluegills play with it. The bobber would go down and I would set the hook and usually miss the fish. I would watch the bobber just get pulled around until it went under. It brought back floods of memories about how simple it use to be for me. How my family would go camping and I would spend the entire day just trying to catch fish. Day after day I would do this, skipping breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner.

Now here I am…experienced and can catch fish and feed my family. But it’s so much pressure these days. I need to make it simple again.

I didn’t fill the bucket by any means. I did catch a bluegill and a sunfish and that made my night. Sometimes it’s not all about the fish. I need to remember that more.

If only I was 10 again…

Sorry guys but no pics tonight. I’ll have my camera with me next time.

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