Salmon Feaver

Hit my favorite king river last weekend. Took me awhile to get up there due to a bunch of other things, but I finally got there. First light the river was absolutely beautiful with the fall colored leaves coming down.

Fishing was. def tough the first mourning but picked up along the day due to cloudy weather, and the snaggers staying away. Ended up 8-19 with too many fish rolled.

The only other guy and I tossed were tossing skein and they wouldn’t take anything, unless it was right out of the bag. Landed a ton of jacks up til 11 o clock, and the big boys started coming out.


Also, took this nice looking buck with some shoulders.
Here is another shot of him:

I then moved to another smaller creek, and ended up 5 for 10 or something. took a bunch of funny video’s and some pics, but go figure, my computer isn’t liking me and not lettin me see them anymore. Here is the only king pic

I then went to the surf, and put some skein out. I then got ran off the surf when two guys felt they needed to fish where I was at when the whole two mile long beach didn’t have a single angler on it. Here is my only pic from that:

The next day I went at it again. I learned something that I have been trying to prove to myself for a long time. Bobber can make a huge difference whether or not you catch fish. At first light I hooked up my first 2 out of 3 cast. My second fish on, I had a fish wrapped me up, and I lost my bobber. I had only one other bobber that I put on and stopped hooking fish while everyone else tossing skein was catching them. The line hooked onto that fish was then retrieved, and I got my bobber back. So I quickly put it back on, and started catching fish again. Ended up 8-15 that day. First light they only wanted big skein balls, and then it switched to small skein balls. They also had to be circle.

Of coarse it didn’t rain all of the two days, but 20 minutes down the road, it started pouring on my way home. The fall colors were beautiful.


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