“Tried” for some perch

Saturday headed to a west side lake that was attached to Lake Michigan. We got a few good report from over there. We were told to park on the north side of the lake. So we headed in that direction. When we got there, we realized the north side of the lake was not the place to park at. However, it would probably be faster to walk over there rather then driver around this humongous lake. So we started our walk across the lake with the 25+ MPH winds, slippery ice, and water everywhere.We could see Lake Michigan from where we were fishing.

My partner and I split up about 20 feet apart and right away started hitting perch. Then, it just shut off. With the wind blowing, it was hard to detect the bites. We sat from 10 to 1:40 and called it quits. I wanted to stay longer, but it was hard knowing that we could probably not catch anymore. We ended the day with 10 “keeper” perch and threw some back. Best baits were 1/32 ounce spoons with waxies. Red hooks with minnows as droppers took some fish.

While making our mile long trek back to the truck I thought for sure I was going in when the ice underneath me gave out about half an inch. My heart sank with the ice. There was even more water then before, and holes were forming every couple hundred yards acting like a toilet bowl sucking the water in. I was sorta glad we were getting off.

I don’t know much about ice, but the way it was looking it was deteriorating fast. Go figure right when I got some new ice fishing stuff :mrgreen:

If you decide to go out more, be careful. I know I am done ice fishing for awhile, if not for the year. Time for real fish :mrgreen:

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