First Ice Walleye…Great Day

The fishing was epic after you left(go figure, right). I lost 2 right away around 10 ish out from the entrance to the ice. Talk to some guys who seen a guy land 10 in the morning. They had landed 2. Then went 1.5 hours w/o a hit, and finally wacked one and landed a smallish fish. Took a pic of a dink and let her loose, lol. Then went to Gm for some bait, and went down river to the next access of where we were fishing.

It was slooooow for a super long time. Then Luke decided around 2:30 to go take a nap. Within 5 minutes of him walking off the ice I had two to the hole, and lost them, plus another hit. Ended the night hooking 17, doing battle w/ about half of them and landing 4. Luke ended 0-12. For some reason none of them were sticking.

Hard to say what the last fish i hooked was because my walleye rod tripled over and started pulling drag and then came un-done.

Only thinking working today was a perch rapala and a chartruse jig.

Don’t know what the deal was tonight. No one around us was hooking up. I think I seen 4 other fish hooked. Didn’t see anyone else using what we were using.

To say the least, I had a blast and I plan on coming back tuesday by myself. Need to get to get some fish for a fish fry now 😀

Headed to the west side for some more hard water fishing tomorrow morning. Hopefully we’ll get some yellow bellies.

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