Au Sable Steelhead outing

Jon and I arrived around 11. Fished several different locations till about 3 w/o much luck. It was very windy and cold.

We were going to find a place to stay but didn’t want to miss the “afternoon bite.” The weatherman had “predicted” highs of 27.

Jon hit a skipper right away. Then I tied on a 2/3 ounce little cleo and whacked a pike right away. A nice 27-28 inches. Couple cast later I hooked up with another pike of the same size. Ended up hitting a 30-31 and a smaller pike back to back cast. Took a few minute break and went back at it. First cast got slammed, but missed it. Next cast got slammed like no tomorrow, worse than a king, but it didn’t connect. That was the end of my bite. All pike were hooked on letting it go to the bottom and then reeling in walleye crawl.

Jon hooked up with a another small skip, and a small lake run brown. However, no adult steelhead were hooked or seen.

Today’s fishing was a little bit better, but not much. I was 0-2 and Jon was 1-1 all skips. The wind was horrible so we called it a trip early.

Here are some pics from Sat:

Catching a bunch of these:

Biggest pike to date

Not exactly what I was looking for, but i’ll take it.

Here is the video from this weekend:

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