First steelie of the year

Went out steelheading today around 3. Drove into a half filled parking lot. Later on, I found out most of the trucks I believe belong to Mickey and his brothers :mrgreen:

It was a nice day to be on the river. The fishing was tough, but I did manage a nice little steelie of about 20 inch on my 5th drift through pony hole on pink netting with salmon spawn.

Fished the bend, pony, and old faithful but never touched another fish. While fishing old faithful, ran into Mickey and his brothers. The word was tough fishing for them.

Figured they had fished all the holes I was going to fish, I decided to make a trip to river bends and give it a try. Took a pic of this amazing sunset while walking in:

Fished 3 promising holes but never toughed a fish.

Felt good to finally land the first of the year, and season. Hopefully my poor steelheading performance from the last several years is over, and it’s time to get into some nice fish this season.

It was good seeing you, Mickey and your brothers!

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