The Moment of Truth

It’s funny how some things just happen. You put in so much time during the off season, scouting, dreaming, trimming, and so on. Then, you try something way out of the ordinary, a spot you have never even scouted, and success happens.

I woke up Wednesday to blowing wind, and rain. I figured it would be best to not hunt, but to put up some treestand. So I turned to my “deer bible” (Precision Bowhunting) and went out to the woods where I know where deer funnel and last years scrapes and rubs. The funny part was, 15 minutes from my apartment, I realized that I forgot to take my shower which I always do before I enter the woods. I also always listen to Ted Nugent songs, and some other CD’s to get me pumped, but I didn’t bother. So I put up my stand 15 yards away from a real nice rub that was previously made. I left the woods all sweaty, and was thinking about hunting. Then I remember last year I sat in this tree while it was windy and almost got a doe with my bow. The same conditions were going on so I figured I would sit there so I didn’t ruin my other spots.

Here are some pics after I got into my stand:
Ready to do some damage:

I got up the tree, with my climber, later then what I wanted, but still plenty of time left. I didn’t see any movement for awhile. Around 7:15 i see a deer about 30 yards away walking towards me. It look different then any doe I had ever shot. I ducked behind a large tree, and set up as quietly as possible. 20 yards away, the deer goes broadside but I am to visible to pull back. I pick a tree where I can pull back, and the deer continues. He comes out 15 yards, and I realize I have my first good opportunity at my first buck ever. I put the pin where I wanted it, and waited for him to clear the brush. He finally did, and I release. I herd a loud thud like I popped a ball or something.

I watched the deer run away and kept track of everything that happened so I don’t mess up like I did last year on a doe I shot with my bow, but never found:(. Tail was down, and ran close to a green tree. I tried to remain calm, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t believe I arrow my first buck, just hopefully we find this one. I called my room mate to come track, but told them I was going to wait in my stand. About 15 minutes later, two more deer came down the same trail, but it got two dark for me to identify them.

At first the deer was bleeding pretty good, but then it started dying off and it was like finding a needle in the hay stack.


What seemed like forever, we finally came across him.


High fives were exchanged, and I had to call my parents and my buddies to tell them. I was so stoked. Here are some more pics:

After my buddies took off, I called everyone I knew. I couldn’t stop screaming with excitement.

Last night after we celebrated, I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. I think I got 2 hours of sleep, maybe. Woke up around 7:30 to retrieve my climber, and arrow(which I never found), and then took the deer to the processor. The whole time I was smiling as people pointed at my truck with my buck on top. I tried sleeping more when I got home, but I still couldn’t. This smile will be on my face the rest of the season.

I can’t explain what this means to me. After 7 years of hunting, I almost gave up because I went 3 years without seeing a deer. Then I seen a ton of deer that year and got addicted to bow hunting. I have killed 3 does with my gun, but never anything with my bow. The fact that my first bow kill was my first buck makes this so special.

Thanks to everyone for there Congrats. It’s much appreciated and makes Oct. 8 such a great memory. Thank You!

I was going to take a break from fishing, but now that first deer is killed I guess I can continue fishing. Headed up north tonight…wahhhooooo, life is good!

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