Salmon Discovery

This wkd I again headed north, but with the family, to another area I have always wanted to fish. Thoe point of this “family” vacation was to hang out, and golf, but no way was I going to be by a river, and not fish it. I hit several rivers while I was there. The first one was the river Fresh Spawn had been fishing all fall long.


From the looks of it, it was pretty slow. Fresh Spawn then showed up, and stole my rod from me;) lol. He didn’t wait long to hook up but when he handed me the rod, I snapped it off when my reel handle got caught in my fingers. I tried a couple more times and but couldn’t get anything to hit. So Jon took over again, and handed a fish off to me. Then it was time to do the rock hop:Image
It’s been a long time since I have had a rod handed off to me, but man that was fun battling that fish all around the rocks, and logs. Thanks Jon!

Fishing was pretty dang slow that day so we opted to fish tomarrow on another river.

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