Oct 1. Opening Day Report

Last night, as I was preparing all my stuff for today, my room mate luke said “i was like a little kid excited for christmas the next day” or something like that. Was I ever!

Woke up to my other room mate knocking on my door at 5:25 in the morning. It’s a good thing he did, because my alarm(cell) was on vibrate. I took a shower, and was off. Breakfest can wait!

Got into my tree around 6:30. 6:50 heard a bunch of banging coming by way and it stopped 10-15 yards away. To bad I couldn’t see. Then it took off back where it came from clashing and banging away. When he was stopped, it sounded like more deer came in, but where were they. 5 minutes later I noticed something different. Then a little deer came out from no where and I realize that something different were two other deer. Unfor. they didn’t stick around for me to have a clear shooting lane during shooting hours.

I believe I had 6-8 deer come by this morning, but it was a little challenging pickin out deer, from rain drops, and leafs falling. Plus, all yhe action was befor i could see clearly. However, it was a beautiful morning, and the start of hopefully will be an awesome deer season. Didn’t see too many other bowhunters out driving around.

Going out tonight, and will report back later.

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