Suicide Trip

With 2.5 hours of sleep wednesday night due to a report taking a lot of my time, no sleep, tree stands to hang, late thursday night we decided it would be appropriate to make a suicide trip west for the night. We decided to fish a spot I haven’t fished much in the past because of the popularity of this river in the past couple of years. We got there, not a car in the parking lot. Just like I like it.

At first it wasn’t looking good for this spot, but as soon as we got to my spot, there were fish everywhere. So we went to work. It always amazes me how awesome this mother nature can be sometime when your sitting in a river in the middle of the night with the sounds of the woods, and river well alive. Sometime, you just had to stop fishing and listen to whats going on around your. It’s pretty awesome. We hooked up quite a bit with “biters” but the hooks didn’t stick. I ended up 1-5 on fair fish, and luke ended up 2-something on fair hooked fish. The say the least, the fish were pretty nasty as you can see with my look. I did hook one fish that didn’t want anything to do with me and finally broke me off. Here is my nasty:


Around 3 o’clock we decided to go look for some fresher fish, but realize neither of us knew this river good enough to go explore in the middle of the night. Plus, my buddies buddy who were were going to fish with, told us the action died where they were at. We also didn’t have anywhere to stay so we said screw it, and headed home. Some how we made it safely concidering it was fog all the way back to school. There were little rodents all over the road and we did claim the first kill of the year, a nice black and white skunk.

I will be heading up north here sometime in the next day or so. Hopefully get into some fresher healthier fish, lol.

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