Thanks Ike

This past week I wasn’t even planning on heading up north. However, my buddy sam called me and told me he was coming down. I also seen rain in the forecast and thought maybe, just maybe, it would push some fish into the river. Plus, it was either do that, or stay home and be bored.

We tried off the dock when we were got there. Fish was jumping all over the place, but didn’t want anything we were throwing. My buddy chris and I went up river, and there seemed to be alot of fish around due to the lined up snagger ripping. We again waited them out, and finally moved in. Fishing was alright, and ended up 1-2 with a big old nasty kyped up buck caught on a micro egg.


Check out the kype on this big boy

Saturday I found myself back on sams boat. Again, fish were everywhere on the graph, but nobody was catching fish. We ended up deciding to go deep, and finally got hit and landed a nice hen. Then we got a few knock offs, but that was it. I took this crazy pic of all the boats running around.


Went down to the river to find tons of people, and very few fish again, so I took a nap.

Woke up and headed back out on the boat. Fishing was slow again but we did manage a nice hen, and a little skipper.

Sunday mourning was spent back out on the boat. The weather was crappy, but looked promising. It was, except very few fish followed through. we had tons of knock offs, and landed one nice little buck. After awhile of no hits, we switched to fishing for other fish. We ended up catching a nice bass on lead core with a j-plug.

Back to the river i went when I got off the boat. It didn’t look great, but the weather was getting nasty thanks to ike. I ended up sticking around, and finally found some fish. In 3 hrs, I went 9 for 15. It was nice because all the locals were down there, and no snaggers. Guess they are fair weather fisherman.

Here is my big buck for the night (CR) with my limit of hens that I kept.


All fish hooked on skein and bobber

Monday morning was alright with the flies. Ended up going 2-2 on micro eggs before the sun started showing. After that, it was all skein and bob fishing and going 5-6. It was nice, because the first few hours, it was just me and a local fishing. All they wanted that day was big globs of skein. They wouldn’t touch a small glob. Here is my limit from that day including a 18 lb hen.


Here is a nice pod of fish:

I am def. glad I stuck around and spent some quality time soar mouthing some fish. if you were hoping to get up there before everyone else found out about the first major run, you can forget about it. I can’t believe those fish were only in for a day before the word was put on another site. What a JOKE!!! I am afraid to call my buddies and here about the disaster going on down at the river.

Fish size if def. up and the fish are full of piss. I had many fish try to school me this wkd and was def. impress with the quantity in size. Hopefully this will continue for a couple year.

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