Slow Salmon Fishing

Last week (sept 3rd) I called UBSLO1 to check on fishing conditions and he told me it wasn’t worth it. Hours later, after a rain storm went by, he called me back telling me to get up there. While headed up there, I decided to make back up plans with my buddy sam on his boat.

I got up there and couldn’t believe the snaggers were already on top of the fish ripping away. after a few hours of listening to them catching fish, they left. After a half hour of waiting, I jumped in and caught my first river king of the year on a micro egg.


I ended up going 1-4 with no one around.

5 AM I found myself on sams boat and fishing was pretty slow. There was fish all over the graph, but all we managed was a Laker to avoid the skunk.

We did enjoy this amazing sunrise.

I ended up going back to the river and to my amazment, all the fish were gone.

I ended up fishing with sam again, and again, fish all over the graph, but they didn’t want to cooperate. Once all the others were gone, we hooked up with this fat hennie.


Sunday mourning found us back on the lake and went 3-4. First light was best. We had one double going on when I was fighting a little pissed off hen that refused to come in, and sam hand lined a 18 lb dark buck into the boat. Pics to come later.

After that, I found myself on the river looking at very few fish. It looked like they all went back out to the lake. In 10 hours of fishing, I landed two fair hooked kings on micro eggs. There wasn’t any other kings landed, but I did see a few fall run steelies landed.

Here is one of my kings:

Monday mourning, I tossed skein, and recieved the skunk.

I did see this large hen with a j-plug hanging out of her mouth.

All in all, I fished way to many hours to count, and got 2 fish off the boat, and 3 fish in the rivers. Not my thought of a great september trip. It seemed like the fish in the bays were lethargic, and there weren’t to many in the rivers. Oh well, that’s fishing.

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