Expensive salmon report

Went out around here for some early morning, before work type of salmon fishing. Fished from 6 til about 9. Right away we went south and before we had all the rods down we were into a fish. At first it sounded like a good fish, but then I just started reeling it in thinking it was a Laker. Turned out to be a 15-16 dark hen king. Caught on a glo j-plug.

Right when we were getting ready to take the pic of the fish, a down rigger went off and all hell broke loose. First it got into 3 core, snapped that, then into 10 core where the line snapped and we lost the fish.

About half an hour later, another core rod went off, and I jumped on it. It started peeling like no other and there was no stopping this fish. FInally I put the breaks to it, and it broke it all off, including the 10 core?

We had one other knock off, but that was all. It was a great time on the water this morning.

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