Summer Salmon Fishing isn’t Always Easy

Well, everything was setting up perfectly for a couple night out fishing. I couldn’t resist making the trip. Winds had been blowing N, E, and NW for a couple days. Setting up for awesome fishing, so I thought. Usually when this happens, I always seem to put the smack down on them.

I headed out on Monday morning to find Lake Trout off the piers. 3 were landed before first light. Then the guys around me started hitting Kings. I patiently waited my first tap of the season. I took a few pics while waiting:



Finally, I got slammed on a half ounce green glow K.O.



Then some guys started complaining about the fishing, and left. Right when they were walkin off the pier, I slammed my first king on a white Krockodile spoon:


Then the wives started showing up so I caught some. They were pretty big. I started to think this was going to be a great morning, so I though. Never had another hit all morning. The guy next to me wasn’t doing to bad, but it wasn’t all that great. He did get a true 20 lber, though.

Here is a pic of my buddy who was first mating. They did pretty good out there.

Here is a pic of a 35 inch northern!

All day while I was working the winds blew NW and N. So I headed back out with Jon afterwards. We casted spoon from 4-7 and never had a hit. Here is another sweet pic!


Then we went out with my buddy on his boat. Fishing was pretty slow because the S winds picked up and ended the fishing in close since the water was 65 deg. again. We still managed to pick up one 15-16 lb hen.


It was nice to finally get into some kings. Wish I could have gotten into more, but i’ll take what I can get. Fish do look healthy, and there were many different sizes of alewives. I think we’ll see some pretty good fishing here in the next 2 months.

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