Nice Night Out

After spending all day up at the Platte, it was time to head out for some fishing with UBSLO1.

Fishing was a bit slow. Right away we had a knockoff on a large glow wonder bread. Half hour later, we have another hit, but again didn’t stick.

Pulled in a couple see fleas:

Didn’t really hit anything for awhile. Seen a couple boats hit a few fish on south trolls.

Finally a rigger rod went off, and Noah was all over it. At first we thought we were snagged because we were in 50 feet of water dropping down to 140. After we cleared the lines, stopped, the fish continued pulling. Finally, we put the net under him, and the boat had it’s second king. The fish came on a sea weed green hootchie, with a greenish squid. It was about 14 lbs and thick! Real nice fish! It also had two small alewives in it, and some other junk.

Here is Noah and a king:

Didn’t fish long after that, but it was a great night on the bay. One of our buddies got a nice little laker, with no bait in it’s stomach. Sorta wishing I brought my boat up, lol.

Here are a few pics:
Capt. Noah

Sun Set

Noah’s sweet rig:

Thanks Noah for the trip!

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