Interesting Trip for Atlantics

This trip has been a trip I have been wanting to make for a long time. However, it turned out to be very interesting.

First we got invited out on some guys boat who acted like he knew alot about the soo. We get out there and it turns out he didn’t. We finally got him to take us back to shore which took awhile.

The snagging indians were pretty bad up there. They would snag everything and not care. The even snagged a gar fish and left it on shore while they went to snag some atlantics. We had names for a few of them:

little ripper and Monkey man

It was funny how these kids would chase fish up and down the wall. I’ll have to post the video as soon as my photo bucket stops acting retarded.

Like Jon said, we had many foul ups, and even some fish slashed at our lures.

It also rained alot!

Finally at 7:30 I got wacked at the wall but lost it due to a random log.

Went to bed, woke up at 6. The old man told us he got a few on a 1/2 ounce orange and gold KO. The old man also had pics of me and jon, and his car on his camera which was really wierd. I cast one out and got a few follow ups. Switched over to a j-11 gold rapala and first cast through a high suspending pod, I had a monster buck chasing my lure. However, this fish decided to take it first.

We never has a high suspending pod again after the snaggers showed up so we didn’t get to test out that lure anymore.

It was very slow on tuesday. We had a point where we were getting follow big time and even getting some strikes, but it was sunny out, which is wierd.

Around 8:30 we decided to head home.

It was a very interesting trip.

Here our some other pic from the trip:

Here is the video from that wkd:

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