First Sturgeon and a Report

Ausable_steelhead and I went in search of some kings and steel this wkd. We thought with the way conditions have been (the past flood and cool surface temps) maybe some fish would be around. Well, they were, but not what we were lookin for.

Our first spot found us on a river that was very high. There was not much happening here so we moved to another river. That we found

Rock Bass
Huge gills
Huge Punkinseeds
Brown Trout
Small Mouth

The only thing that pulled some line was a 35 inch northern that Fresh Spawn got. He also had one other fish on, but never seen it.

Here are the pics:

Fresh Spawn fishing hard for rock bass:


So we moved to the pier heads in search of some kings, skams, alewives.
The search resulted in not much of anything. There was some fish crashing the surface, but who knows that they were. We ended up casting crawlers out, in hopes of some skams or walleye. Ended up catching:

White Perch
Rock Bass

The interesting part was me reeling in a little baby sturgeon that was 12-14 inches long. Never caught one before so it was cool to finally see on in person. Made sure to take extra care for it while handling it.

My first sturgeon:


Just the fish


Close up:


Ended up leaving at dark.

The sunset:

Tuesday mourning found us back on another river. Not much came out of that river.


Then we decided to check out a spot where a ton of rainbows had been dropped a few weeks ago for the kids. During 10-2 only kids were allowed to fish for them. After that, there free game and we took advantage of them. We both caught dozen or so. All fish came on weightless live bait. Spawn, waxies, and worms all took fish. We also caught some bass, and seen some steelies and pike hanging around. However, they were not intersted in much.

Lake bows:

Then we moved up river, and caught some carp.

We tried for some bass, but they were non existant. Jon also got a free guide trip from me on the local watering hole :mrgreen:

That was about it for the wkd. A good time, but too bad the fish didn’t cooperate. Hopefully next time!

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