Hex Camp 2008

This is a report from my buddy Don.

Sunday Spentwing and Kenesha had to leave and Stel arrived. Mickey, Stel and I floated the same strech as Saturday and Dan rowed a bit so I could fish! (Thanks Dan)

I landed this beautiful Brown that probally went over 20 inches but I never thought to measure it!

After Sunday’s Float we walked into a spot to wait for Hex but it got too cold and rained at dark!

Monday found Mickey heading home and Stel and I hitting a new stretch of river for a longer float! The float was about 6 hours and the 1st half was awesome! Stel got 2 nice Browns and and I got 2 Browns too but only got a pic of one of them…

Stel’s 15 inch Brown

My Brown

Here’s Stel’s 2nd Brown, a Beautiful 18 incher!

After that 6 hour float we grabbed a quick bite to eat and motored up to our Hex Spot.

Stel Waiting…

Then there was a small Spinner Fall!!!

We found a few rising fish but it got cold quick and we didn’t get any fish. How awesome it was anyway!

Here’s Stel casting a Hex Fly at a rising trout…

Tuesday Stel and I made a short float and we headed home. What a great weekend Fishing with friends and the catching was a bonus!

We caught 2 trout a piece Tuesday. 3 were 12 inchers and then this one Stel caught…

I already can’t wait for the next trout trip!!!!

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