Flooded Carp

After a long day at work, nothing sounded better then coming home and relaxing. I dropped some stuff off at a buddies house, then left. Thought I would check out the river on the way. First couple of spots, I seen nothing. I decided to check out this little spillway hoping to see some late steelies in there.

I didn’t find any steelies, but I found a ton of carp. So I rigged on a fake crawdad and started jigging. First fish was fouled and got home, second fish hit and I fought him for a couple minutes. Finally landed him and he went about 15-20 lbs. What a blast!

If the river don’t clear up down state, I might just chase carp all wkd. Even might possily go with a bow!

Checked out my spot that I was yesterday! levels are back down and all those carp are gone. Don’t know where they would have went. There were a few in there and one that went probably 35-45 lbs. It was huge!

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