Before the Storm Bass’n

Went out to the same lake yesterday. Started off slow with a few bass and gills during a rain storm. My buddies who were there earliar caught about 20-25 gills with 10-15 of them being pretty big. Then my buddies left, and I had the small lake to myself.

It was still windy, but the bass really turned on. I caught somewhere between 20-25 bass in a 1.5 hours span. All caught on jigs with crawlers. Most of them were without a bobber. Most of the fish ranged from 12-17 inches.

Caught a few gills, but released them all.

Another nice night on this lake. I am really getting into the bass thing.

Went out tonight on a local river before the storm showed up. The river raised big time with the earlier storm. Was throwing leaches and crawlers with the best result coming from the leaches. Had many bites on leaches but couldn’t connect. Finally caught a nice little chunk 12-14 inch smallie.

Then it started raining, and I seen lightning in the distance. All of a sudden it was really close, and it was time to go.

Might get out tomorrow, but not sure if it’s still pouring like it is now.

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