Now it’s looking like it’s done

Well, I think it’s done for the spring. Unless people are just beating me to the fish and spooking them.

Checked out a section of river after work and seen quite a few steelies working a redd. I had to get a nap in and went down right after my nap. Go figure, there was a dude already on the fish, but I didn’t see anything around. So I looked else where but couldn’t find any. When I went back,the fish were on the red and the dude was gone. The fish were very spooky and wouldn’t stick around, even with dark closing in. Ended up getting one to take, but that was it.

Went back today to see if there were any fish left. Hawkins guiding service was on the fish. After they left, I checked out the red and kept an eye on it for awhile but nothing was there.

Check out a few more spots, and seen some steelies, but everything was to spooky, plus the water got a nice stain to it. Seen a ton of carp, so I might start trying for them.

Looks like steelhead season is over:(

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