End of steelhead season

Well, I have put some hours in on some steel lately and some warm water fish. Spending the summer up north so hopefully will have some more reports up here this summer, as long as gas doesn’t keep rising.

Sunday, fished a large river for steel. It was the most full I have seen all season long. Problem was, all fish were pitch black. Had one take down that might of been a steelie but missed it. Caught smolts, browns up to 8 inches, and a rock bass. Pretty disappointing for 12 hours of fishing. Fished everything from crawler, to wigglers. Anyone ever seen a olive colored up steelhead? Had something jumping at my feet that I am pretty sure was a jack king.

Monday, fished a lake and caught bullhead, gills, sunfish, and bullhead. Caught some fish bottom bouncing and the others came on two other jigs, a black one and another different jig. All fish hit worms, nothing huge.

Tuesday, fished the river. Fish were all on gravel and nothing in the holes. Went 0-1 on graveled up fish. Lost the fish due to it jumping on shore and finding its way back in the water with my line caught on some rocks on shore, lol. Foul hooked a couple of fish but broke them off. Most of the fish I seen were all 8+ lbs. Pretty disappointed I couldn’t get any to bite except for the one.

Wednesday, not many fish left in the river and the ones that were, were spooked. Finally found fish that were not as spooked. While I went to grab my phone a fish smacked my fly. I fought the fish for awhile, but he finally threw the hook. He was a feisty buck. Both fish from yesterday and today hit a glow in the dark egg.

Probably will try a few more times, but it’s not looking good. Looking forward to salmon now off the pier. MIght head to a pier this wkd, but not sure :bounce:

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