Live everday to the fullest

Just when you think everything is great, it’s summer, time for fishing, god smacks you in the face.

When I first entered college, I met an amazing person. It was my R.A. and without him, I might of quit college, or tried something else that might of or might of not included college. There was alot of tough times for our floor but our RA held it togather.

After that, we went our seperate ways to different colleges but eventually ended up at the same one.

The last time I seen him was 4 months ago. I usually ran into him every few months at a party or somewhere else. No matter how many years you went without seeing him, he still remembered your name the next time you saw him.

I just got word tonight while fishin, that person passed away from bacterial menagitis. This is not a post about me, or asking for prayers. It’s to let everyone know, you don’t know when its your turn to go and to live everyday to the fullest. I still can’t believe this happened to such a great person.

R.I.P Lamott

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