Crappie Fishing

Well, I was going to make this a interesting read but my mind is on other things things right now. However, I told Don I would get up some pics to pass his day at work 🙂

Went fishing for crappie this evening and did pretty well. Caught alot of dink crappie at the beg. Was fishing two jigs under a bobber and jigging two jigs off the bottom with no bobbers. Tried worms but all the crappie wanted were the minnows.

Then I was reeling in a crappie and had a pike/muskie come up and try and hit my crappie. I let the crappie go and watched the end of the line. The line stopped, and I set the hook. Felt a head shake and pop, that was it. I was using old 4 lb line I used for steelhead fishing. Had to be a 38-40 inch muskie/pike. It was HUGE. It hit a tippy dam steelhead jig.

Put new jig on with 6 lb floro and threw it out and messed around with the bobber rod. Then another fish was on the bottom rod and set the hook with dead weight. Sure enough, another pike that probably was 34-38 inches. Had him to the surface several times but he threw the hook again. This time, he hit the minnow with the tippy dam jib. Had some fraid line so I re-tied.

The crappie fishing went to crap, wonder why. Nothing for probably half an hour and then the bottom rod goes off again. Started playing the fish easily and had him all the way to the shore. Only problem was, getting him on the bank with no net. Snap, there goes another nice pike of about 30-33 inches.

Next time, I have to remember the net, lol. Or, don’t fish for crappie???

Eventually, I got this nice crappie.

I was going to keep him, but through him back thinking I wasn’t going to catch anything of size. Then when I was packed up to go, I landed a really nice crappie and through it in the bucket. WHile I am doing this, my bobber rod is getting ripped across the surface with a tail walking crappie. Landed that, and through it in the bucket. Landed a few smaller ones, but unfor. they took the minnow deep and was bleeding so they went into the bucket also.

Eventually, the fishing ended, so I packed up excited for my crappie dinner tomarrow or today, however you want to look at it. What an exciting evening, sorta.

Here are some pics of when I got home:

The biggest was 11 inches.

I need to stop catching pike when I am fishing for crappie, lol.

All crappie came on an assortment of jigs with minnows. Pike came on tippy steelhead jigs and rat finkees tipped with minnows.

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