Walleye whiping 5-4-08

What a great time and just what I needed from a stressful wkd of finals. It was a great time fishing.

Too bad I got to cocky and the fish gods looked down upon me :mrgreen:

Thanks again, Don for a fun night of fish. I also got your purple light I have to get back to you. I got home this mourning and was like, why is my hat so heavy. Then I noticed…

Right off the bat Il pulled in 2 nice ones on a chrome rapala and an orange and yellow pencil plug…

[b]For Don it was slow for a few hours[/b]

[b]Then he started slaying them on Chrome again…[/b]

[b]…and I was the one waiting…[/b]

[b]The final talley for the night was Captain Don 5….Stel 2. We both had about 4 other hits that didn’t connect! Water was a tad cooler than last Wednesday at 42.6 degrees.[/b]

[b]Here’s our 7 fish…[/b]

So my dog was being annoying while I was cleaning the walleye up. I knew she didn’t like trout, so I figured she didn’t like walleye. I through some skin on the ground and she went crazy. You could tell she liked it when she didn’t let go and was growling.

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