First Au sable river steelhead

Not really a first steelhead but read on.

I have been steelhead fishing for 10-12 years. When I first started I was fishing the ausable. My dad and I put many miles on the vehicles driving up there in search of steel. Our last trips up there we both hooked one, but my dad was sick of spending the money and never catching anything. It’s understandable though since he isn’t much of a 1 fish per wkd type of guy. I have gone up several times since then and hooked a few, but always was unlucky and lost them.

Within the last couple years, I have been giving a try with “Fresh Spawn” couple times a year. The fish always seems to be off the bite or Fresh spawn just catches all of them, lol. I soon started to think the ausable just didn’t like me and landing a steelhead in that river was a lost hope.

Jon(aka fresh spawn) told me he was going up this wkd and I thought it might be worth another try.

Jon landed one in his first few drifts after the sun came up. It was a nice 5-6 lb chrome hen. Around 9 o’clock, I finally hooked into a good fish with my CENTER PIN(lol Jon) and landed a nice chucky 9 lb hen on a pink spawn bag. It was like a very first steelhead for me since I had never landed one out of the big sandy.
First steelie from the Au sable
A few minutes after I landed my first one, I lost another on the flyrod. We fished all day long with only suckers to show for it. Right around twilight, Jon hooked and landed another healthy steelhead. We didn’t see any other steelhead caught the whole day. Just a few lined off of beds.

The next day, we fished another river. I hooked into 2 fish, which one fish had to be in the 12-14 lb ranges since it looked the size of a fresh king when it came 3-4 out of the water. It still had a blue head. After the second sizzling run, the fish turned around, and threw the hook 🙄

Jon landed a smaller skip on the fly.

Sorta slow for what we expected, but still a good time fishing steel in the east side! The east side is looking better and better every year and I was real impressed after this year:D :bounce: I know i’ll be back soon!

Thanks Jon for the trip up.

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